Month: April 2019

The Way Ahead for a UN Treaty on Business and Human Rights

We still have a very limited understanding of the impacts businesses have on human rights worldwide.It has been just over a month since the Brumadinho dam, operated by the Brazilian minerals form Vale, collapsed, killing at least 171 people, with a further 141 still missing. In the wake of what appears to be yet another disaster heavily abetted by the failures of business, news from the Geneva headquarters of the United Nations may seem remote and out of touch. Important developments, however, are brewing there.

Recognizing the Value of Reading for Pleasure

In this edition of The Interview, Fair Observer talks to Andy Seed, a British children’s author. Why is reading so important? It’s a question that academics, governments and families have considered essential for children. Indeed, reading helps to broaden the mind. Those who read books experience stronger family relationships, better communication and critical thinking skills.