Populists in the European Elections

The results of the European elections have revealed some breakthroughs for populists.There is concern about the impact of populism on rational decision-making in many Western democracies. But there is no agreement on what “populism” means. All politics appeal — to some extent — to people’s self-interest and to their preference for advantages being given to themselves, the area in which they live or a group to which they belong.

Not All Terrorists Want to Claim Responsibility for Attacks

Why would right-wing terrorists decide not to claim responsibility for their crimes? In Germany, there has been an ongoing public debate as to whether radical-right terrorists take responsibility for their crimes, particularly after the radical-right terrorist group Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund (the National Socialist Underground, NSU) was uncovered. This group did not claim credit for its attacks before 2011, when its existence was revealed.

How Qatar Has Fought the Blockade

In the face of an embargo, Qatar has challenged Saudi Arabia and the UAE.In June 2017, a group of countries led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates formed a diplomatic and economic blockade against the state of Qatar. Yet rather than bringing Qatar to its knees, the crisis has benefited the tiny Gulf nation in numerous ways. The siege has forced Doha to diversify its relations regionally and globally to gain independence from Riyadh and Abu Dhabi’s spheres of influence.