Elon Musk’s Boring Company Wins a Jackpot in Las Vegas

Hyperreal hero Elon Musk has seduced the ultimate hyperreal city: Las Vegas.Wired magazine reveals that our favorite hyperreal hero, Elon Musk, has snagged for his ultra-hyperreal enterprise, the Boring Company, its first paying customer: Las Vegas, a city specialized in hyperreality. The Boring Company, as its name signifies, bores, not because it produces a lot of talk with no substance (which it also tends to do), but because it proposes to bore tunnels underneath the surface of cities to provide superfast urban transport for people in a hurry.

Kuwait Is Risking a Catastrophic Drop in Foreign Investment

Marsha Lazareva’s case raises red flags for foreign investors and could send them fleeing Kuwait.Kuwait has a high-profile international case on its hands that threatens to harm the country’s foreign investment climate. The case, which has now been brought to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, coupled with several recent legal complaints from international investors, could damage the country’s business environment and threaten its reputation during a sensitive period for the Gulf emirate.