Nigeria: Are We Really and Truly One Country?

In Nigeria, there is no sense of belonging to a nation. “No one lays claim to Nigeria.” It was a statement made casually by my boss at work, yet it carried such weight in my young mind. Perhaps this is the worst sin of all that we leisurely walk through our country like it doesn’t belong to us, casually engaging in tribalism and nepotism as we drift along.

Recognizing the Value of Reading for Pleasure

In this edition of The Interview, Fair Observer talks to Andy Seed, a British children’s author. Why is reading so important? It’s a question that academics, governments and families have considered essential for children. Indeed, reading helps to broaden the mind. Those who read books experience stronger family relationships, better communication and critical thinking skills.

Global Citizenship: The Birth of a New World Order

As the hegemony of the nation state deteriorates, a brave new world is being conceived.As outcrops of nationalistic fervor and protectionism are exposed across Western Europe and the United States, it would seem that the tides of globalization are beginning to ebb. One only needs to glance at the headlines. The US and China are locked in a trade war. Britain votes to “take back control” from the EU. In Italy, a nationalist coalition has made immigrants and ethnic minorities the scapegoats of economic decline. Even Germany, the largest economy in the EU and a bastion of free movement and trade, is grappling with rising xenophobia.