Shamima Begum: A Jihadi Bride’s Plea to Return

A case of an IS bride’s newborn child raises questions of citizenship, personhood and agency.You probably haven’t heard of Marshae Jones. Last December, she was arrested after a shooting at a convenience store in Pleasant Grove, a small town in Alabama. Jones, who was pregnant at the time, was shot in the stomach. She recovered, but the unborn child didn’t survive. The shooter, Ebony Jemison, was initially charged with murder, later adjusted to manslaughter. The fight was over the unborn baby’s father. Crucially, Jones started it.

The National Ecosystem: Radical Right and Biodiversity

The national ecosystem must be preserved and remain pure — free from those who do not belong. While the significance of preserving and caring for the natural environment in radical-right thought might surprise some, it is thoroughly rooted in the importance some of these actors attach to the space in which the Volk is supposed to flourish. In this context, biodiversity is connected to care for the national ecosystem and a wider program put forward by the radical right and especially its extreme-right fringe.