Will Deutsche Bank Survive Its Latest Crisis?

Deutsche Bank is in hot water after recent raids by police. What will happen next?Deutsche Bank faces its most severe test yet in the wake of police raids on its Frankfurt offices on November 29 over suspicions of helping its clients in money laundering. The scene was dramatic: 170 officers descended on six Deutsche Bank buildings, including its headquarters, and seized documents and files, according to an NPR report.

Will India’s Unemployment Crisis Cost Modi His Job?

The challenge of fixing India’s job crisis is an unachievable task for any one-term government. India is the world’s fastest-growing major economy. It is also home to the highest number of unemployed in the world. More than half of India’s 1.2-billion population is under the age of 25. These predominantly youthful voters cheered Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a historic electoral victory in 2014. As Modi’s term comes to an end this April, little change has come to these voters’ lives. This poorly educated and mostly unskilled workforce seems restless and vengeful.

Davos Is Losing Its Shine

Davos is essentially a symbol of crony capitalism camouflaging as a pro-globalization voice. This year is already witnessing a profound global political instability. Britain’s confusion over the Brexit deal continues, and so do the weekend protests by the gilets jaunes, or the yellow vests, in France. Donald Trump’s administration is reeling from the longest government shutdown in America’s history, while the Chinese economy is slowing down.