Impeach Now, Ask Questions Later

Go boldly where Mueller should have gone, to state clearly and unequivocally that Trump is a crook.When times are bad, it always seems that bad people win. When times are good, bad people always win. When bad people win, the rest of us almost always lose. Of late, bad people are succeeding at an alarming rate, most often with an amoral message that is devoid of fundamental human decency.

Affordable Childcare Is a Public Need

Raising children is not what it used to be.  Women and men on track to becoming parents must face the prospect of increasing costs of quality childcare. This is true for developed nations, but no less predictable in low-income countries as well. Raising children is not what it used to be. Having a supportive partner and a sustainable net income in a household may still be inadequate for future planning purposes. Many parents have no choice but to re-enter the workforce, having to gamble on paying the costs of missed time.

India’s Final Solution to All Problems: Poditva

America Times’ intrepid time-traveling reporter brings you this news report from January 1, 3028.On the stroke of midnight, in a sensational open-air press conference in New Delhi with hundreds of dignitaries in attendance, the Indian national flag, the tricolor, was lowered over Parliament. It was replaced by a new national flag. This is entirely saffron, with the Hindu symbol “Om” in black on the top left and bottom right, a Hindu trident on the top right and bottom left, and an Indian Swastika in the center.

Nigeria: Are We Really and Truly One Country?

In Nigeria, there is no sense of belonging to a nation. “No one lays claim to Nigeria.” It was a statement made casually by my boss at work, yet it carried such weight in my young mind. Perhaps this is the worst sin of all that we leisurely walk through our country like it doesn’t belong to us, casually engaging in tribalism and nepotism as we drift along.

Global Citizenship: The Birth of a New World Order

As the hegemony of the nation state deteriorates, a brave new world is being conceived.As outcrops of nationalistic fervor and protectionism are exposed across Western Europe and the United States, it would seem that the tides of globalization are beginning to ebb. One only needs to glance at the headlines. The US and China are locked in a trade war. Britain votes to “take back control” from the EU. In Italy, a nationalist coalition has made immigrants and ethnic minorities the scapegoats of economic decline. Even Germany, the largest economy in the EU and a bastion of free movement and trade, is grappling with rising xenophobia.